Requirements & expectations
It is expected from you that you thoroughly read through my website before contacting me.
It is also expected and required that you understand and agree with the terms presented here.

~ Booking procedures ~
When booking an appointment, it is important to follow my booking procedures.
The first step is to contact me and introduce yourself properly.
Please include the following informations in your message :
~ Your full name, occupation and hobbies
~ Three adjectives and a colour
~ Services in which you are interested
~ Day, time and duration
~ Needs, hopes & expectations
~ Recent references from other providers
~ Any other relevant informations that you feel compelled to share with me…
Once communication is established, and that you have decided which choice of first encounter you desire, we will decide on the ideal moment for us.

~ Confirmation of our appointment ~
It is necessary to confirm our appointment 48h before the scheduled time, and then again in the evening before if it is a morning rendez-vous or the morning of if it is an afternoon or evening rendez-vous.

~ Cancellation policy ~
Should you have to postpone or cancel our appointment, a cancellation fee will be required to reschedule or reserve any time thereafter.
Within 48h to 24h, there will be a fee of 25% of the donation, and within 24h of the appointment, the fee rises to 50%. Within 3h of our rendez-vous, the totality of the donation must be honoured in order to reschedule.

~ Health & safety ~
In any and all situations, your health and mine is of fundamental importance. There will be no tolerance towards any sort of behaviour which might alter physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and integrity, mine and yours.

~ Donations ~
Please be considerate if our first date is in public and kindly offer the donation in either in a greeting/wish card in an unsealed envelope, or tucked into a book or a small gift bag (and if you are feeling extra generous, here is a wish list for gift ideas).