Articles by Audrey

Pandemic update

It has been a year since I last rejoiced with you, my beloved friends.
And what a year has it been !
I’ve pondered often how to meet again, safely,
and couldn’t quite come up with a solution that suited me.
Fortunately, I will soon be getting my first dose of the vaccine,
and will slowly reopen my schedule to share with you
what we all crave at this point – human warmth & touch.

Drop me a message 🙂

Patience is a Virtue

Some days are easy, some days are challenging, some days are calm, some days are busy. For you. For me. For everyone, one day or another.
This space is being built piece by piece, by myself only, as is everything else surrounding it.
Please, do not take personal any length of time before good communication is established, it will come, all in good time, as will you.

Entering the tributaries

As life flows, so do we, humans, animals and plants alike.
At this point in time, everyone and everything is in great need of healing and recovering balance, while we stand on the edge of ecological collapse, tip toeing on a cliff overlooking the vast unknown.
What are you doing here? Who are we?
How can I serve as a vessel of healing for your body and soul?
Through time, I have taken on more than one name, but always, my inner essence is immutable.
Here and now, together we can rise anew.

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