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The antithesis of escapism…

…Or the practice of being fully present with reality as it is.

This morning I woke up at 5:30, chilled by the cool wind coming through my window.
Putting on some clothes, I made my way to the kitchen, and had breakfast with some of my favourite humans. Between reminiscing on our shared past and dreaming our plans for the future, we were acknowledging our mutual luck to be here, sharing this time and space as individual consciousnesses before the inescapable reality of death and rejoining with universal consciousness that will undoubtedly come one day. They then left for a day of wild foraging in the forest, while I am here, now, writing these words and preparing myself for the day.

As I was looking through my social media, my attention was caught by this word, escapism.
Escapism as an invitation to distract oneself from their reality, to engage in a fantasy.
While I understand that for many, this work is what it’s about – selling fantasy moments – does it really have to be so? Isn’t the world already too far up in all sorts of inner and outer constructs and illusions? Shouldn’t we be instead seeking closeness and intimacy with reality? Closeness and intimacy with our deepest selves? Oh but reality isn’t easy at all, especially when for one reason or another, life is rough. Sharp. Pointy. Tearing us to shreds. So we seek solace and comfort in breasts and bums, squishy flesh and slippery skins. There is nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with seeking warmth and spaces of peace and quiet in the company of another human being. There is also nothing wrong in hedonistic pursuits.

But why then seek to escape reality? Why not embrace all of it?
By being fully present with reality as it is, by embracing and welcoming all of our emotions, sensations, thoughts, desires, feelings, hardships and struggles, we are opening a space of inner freedom. Freedom to feel, freedom to be. It becomes a space of authenticity.
So many people come to me with more or less the same stories and desires. And I understand their need, your need, to tend to a secret garden of lush sceneries, nourishing forbidden fruits and the vibrancy of life living itself fully. I understand that for an array of reasons, these gardens are not or cannot be shared with their partners, and there is no space in my heart for judging these choices.
I am inviting you to be fully present in each and every moment of your life, to breathe deeply, to be aware of the absolute magnificence of life on Earth. You can choose to welcome every moment for what they are, with what they bring. There is a lesson to be learned in every little thing. Reality is teaching you about something continuously, if you dare to witness it with an open mind.
Impermanence is the only constant : Everything arises and passes away. Arises, passes away. Every moment is precious and unique. And being present with as many as we can, each and every one of them if possible, is nourishing and fulfilling. Even the tough ones.
By cultivating this inner stance, you can welcome your own conflicts, your desire for a stable and loving partnership contrasting with your desire for a wildly erotic sex life, your loneliness yearning for a deep emotional bond with someone else, your fear of death inhibiting your appetite for life…
Presence with reality as it is, anchored by consciously breathing deeply, and guided by a compassionate heart is my own personal key to happiness.

Will you share moments of infinity with me over delicious tea? Will you breathe along with me? Will you seek the comfort of being in service to Me in whichever way I see fit on your path to inner liberation?
The choice is yours, the power is in you.

Pandemic update

It has been a year since I last rejoiced with you, my beloved friends.
And what a year has it been !
I’ve pondered often how to meet again, safely,
and couldn’t quite come up with a solution that suited me.
Fortunately, I will soon be getting my first dose of the vaccine,
and will slowly reopen my schedule to share with you
what we all crave at this point – human warmth & touch.

Drop me a message 🙂

Patience is a Virtue

Some days are easy, some days are challenging, some days are calm, some days are busy. For you. For me. For everyone, one day or another.
This space is being built piece by piece, by myself only, as is everything else surrounding it.
Please, do not take personal any length of time before good communication is established, it will come, all in good time, as will you.

Entering the tributaries

As life flows, so do we, humans, animals and plants alike.
At this point in time, everyone and everything is in great need of healing and recovering balance, while we stand on the edge of ecological collapse, tip toeing on a cliff overlooking the vast unknown.
What are you doing here? Who are we?
How can I serve as a vessel of healing for your body and soul?
Through time, I have taken on more than one name, but always, my inner essence is immutable.
Here and now, together we can rise anew.

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