Audrey Moon

Sensual Alchemist

Mistress Moon

Audrey Moon

Sensual Alchemist

Oh the fascination!

From within, you feel this pull towards Me, curiosity tingling underneath your skin.
Like the waters obeying the tidal force of the Moon, you cannot escape being drawn to Me.

BDSM & kink have entered My life a decade ago, during which My explorations
– both personal and professional –
have given Me the chance to discover and play with all sorts of delightful deviances.
I offer sensual domination sessions, in which I am gentle yet strict and demanding.

Here are some of My favourite activities.

Receiving :

Body Worship
Body hair Worship
Access to your wallet
Feet massages

Giving :

Face sitting/smothering
Pegging & anal play
Tease & Denial
Mental & Intellectual domination


For the aspiring submissive with barely any knowledge,
the one seeking to surrender to the Divine or the curious hedonist,
the Initiation is for you.
Before the session, you will be given assignments to complete.
The first part of the session will be dedicated to your education, and in the second part I will take theory to practice.

2h – 680

Once or twice in a new Moon

For the occasional bottom or the part-time submissive yearning to explore
and ease deeper into your own fluid nature.

1.5h – 500

Through every phase of the Moon

Lost in space, with a lingering feeling of disconnection from the Truth of the Cosmos,
you seek to find meaning to your life.
Deep within, I feel your torment and shame at being partly responsible
for the destruction of My beloved Earth.
Thus, as the embodiment of Gaia,
I require your complete spiritual surrender and I will guide you
to Inner Peace through acts of service & spiritual practices.
Every week, you will receive tasks to complete
and meaningful changes to replace your detrimental habits,
so that eventually,
you will become whole and in harmony with the Universe.
I will have you report to Me twice a week on your progress, either by email or text message.


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