…a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.


The first encounter…

If we have never met, here are the options available for our first time together :
~ a 1h Social Tea date – 100
~ a 2h Dinner date – 250
~ a 1.5h massage during which we get acquainted – 300


The power of mindful and attentive touch reaches through skin and muscles, to the depths of emotions and spirit. As my hands move, exploring the knots, grooves and tensions of your body, my fingers firmly unfurl the labyrinth of your life stories. Together, we open a space of shared vulnerability, as you give me the privilege of witnessing your intimate self.
This is an offering of my skillful touch and sensuous nature.

1h – 200
1.5h – 300
2h – 400


Wether you would enjoy some company for social events, a dinner date, a relaxing date at the spa, or simply to experience the subtleties of teas, it would be enchanting to share such moments with you.

1h – 100 ~ Social Tea date
1h – 150 ~ Social events
2h – 250 ~ Dinner date
3h – 350 ~ Spa date


BDSM & kink have entered my life a decade ago, during which my explorations – both personal and professional – have given me the chance to discover and play with all sorts of delightful deviances.
I offer sensual domination sessions, in which I am gentle yet strict.
You shall not access my body unless you are told so.
Now, tell me all about your deepest desires…

1h – 300
1.5h – 450


Joy and pleasure are great healers, overflowing naturally from the coming together of Pixies & Sprites, Dryads & Nymphs, most commonly found in the disguise of lavish and torrid Companions of IC.
Who would you like us to mingle with?

…looking for more?

Maybe your needs wouldn’t be met by any of the paths offered above,
and that it would be beneficial for you to receive more intimate care, one on one.
If that is the case, please do inquire about the Alchemical Gateway.
Do note however, that only trust and genuine connection will allow you to travel this path.
It is advised to take the time to properly get acquainted with me before you request passage through the gates of this mystical nexus between worlds.