Purpose & resolve

My intentions are simple, yet profound.
Through presence, breath, touch and vulnerability,
I aspire to open pathways of deep sensual and erotic healing.
Years of experiences and training make me confident in my ability to accompany and guide such sensitive and tender spaces, with empathy and care.
It is with great humility that I enter these spaces, in which I honour all that is presented to me.
We will walk this path at a pace that is respectful of both our needs, and as we do, new stories will write themselves through us.


Now in my early thirties, I have been on a great many adventures throughout the past three decades, some of which have been permanently mapped into my skin. Lines and dots telling stories, marvellous passages of my own personal growth paths. My body is long and lean, adorned with its natural furs. My mind is sharp and agile, graced with the ability to see wide and clear. My intellect and inner worlds are rich, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to nourish them and make them flourish through extensive education. My personal interests are diverse, connecting my values, my choices and my actions.
Curious now?